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The Airex Balance Pad is the most easily recognized balance pad worldwide. It is great for balance, mobility, standing stability, coordination, posture, core strength and motor-skill training. The balance pad is also used for yoga, pilates, fitness and prevention, club sports, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and school sports. The Airex balance pad features tear-resistant foam for long-term use while its closed cell construction provides flat and stable non-slip comfort with superb cushioning. The Airex Balance Pads are pre-sanitized to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.

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Airex Balance Pad

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The Airex balance pad is an active therapy and training device made of the soft Airex foam material. Due to the yielding foam, the body is constantly challenged to maintain balance and stability of the joints. Training with the Balance Pad can improve conditional and coordinative abilities in strength, endurance, differentiation and balance. The destabilizing properties of the supersoft specialty foam make these products excellent tools to improve motor skills and balance.

  • The Airex balance pad is manufactured from closed-cell, ultra-soft specialty foam consisting of millions of air bubbles. As the user steps on it, the pad gently compresses making them feel like they are standing on a cloud.
  • The balance pad is 6 cm thick, giving it the desired destabilizing characteristic.
  • Due to the yielding foam, the body is constantly challenged to maintain balance and stabilize the joints. This exercises more and deeper muscles compared to performing the same exercises without the balance pad.
  • The Airex balance pad is good to use as a cushion during exercises. Users with knee replacements, protruding tailbones or other discomforts use this to do sit-ups, lunges, crunches and other exercises.
  • Due to its comfortable, smooth surface, the balance pad is not entirely slip-resistant on smooth floors. Prior to use, check to see that the training surface is slip-resistant. A non-slip mat (please see Airex mats) must be used if applicable.
  • Exercises should be done barefoot, shoes can reduce the durability of the pad.
  • The balance pad should be cleaned with a soft brush and warm soap/detergent water. For disinfection, a conventional disinfectant such as Merfen, Descogen or chromium may be used. Treatment with benzene, spot remover, hot water or steam sterilization can ruin the balance pad.
  • To extend the lifespan of the Airex balance pad, rinse it with water after use, shaking off the water and allowing the product to air dry.
  • Airex soft foams do not absorb water and features permanent buoyancy in water.
  • Airex Balance pads are best stored lying flat.
  • Pressure loss in the individual cells occurs when pressure loads are applied for long periods of time. The material usually reforms gradually.
  • Special hygienic properties in the balance pad offer permanent, effective protection against bacteria and fungi.
  • To avoid pressure marks on the balance pad, do not leave objects resting on the material for extended periods of time. Continuous pressure loads for more than approximately 12 hours should be avoided. Bending in storage leaves visible pressure marks and creases where the material does not fully reform.
  • Ongoing storage in water and extended exposure to direct sunlight reduce the lifespan of the balance pad as the surface may become brittle and stiff over time.
  • For hygienic reasons, damp balance pads should not be stored in lockers or stacked.
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