About Us

A  group photo of our team of medical professionals at Medshop

1 Medshop is a small, family-owned business headquartered in New York. Our company was created because we recognized the need for stellar service in the medical supply industry. We've set a new standard for customer experience by offering personalized service, easy returns, no restocking fees (except for special order items) and by offering everything a medical facility would need. We work exceptionally hard to satisfy our diverse and loyal customer base.

Traditional medical supply companies are either too large to focus on individual customer needs, or too small to cater to sophisticated and multi-faceted businesses. Medshop strives to strike the perfect balance between the two. Call one of our customer service reps to see for yourself the level of knowledge and service we provide for our customers.

We provide universities, medical facilities, government agencies and patients with the equipment they need and the unparalleled customer service, prices, information, and approachability they deserve. We are customer focused; our mission is to make sure that all our customers’ needs are met. This is central to our no frustration policy.

1We know that good service and positivity starts at home. Not only are we good to our customers, we interact as a company like family. At Medshop every team member is a valuable and necessary component to our success. Everyone has a say in the way we run our business - their opinions matter. Our weekly meetings get pretty feisty! Each employee has autonomy over their department or position where they can learn, work, and grow according to their values. We only hire employees with values similar to our own: treat people with respect, show compassion and care in all your interactions and follow through with your commitments. 

With multiple locations in the United States, Medshop ships worldwide and partners with UPS and USPS to offer some of the best delivery in the industry.

Our Team