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You and your patients can breathe easier with one of the most popular spirometers for breathing therapy. The Voldyne Spirometer is a compact breathing exerciser that helps patients, athletes and singers increase their lung capacity. Every spirometer is individually calibrated and tested to ensure the unit delivers a reliable measurement of inhaled lung volumes to maximize clinical outcomes. The incentive spirometer is easy to clean and simple to use.

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Voldyne 5000 Incentive Spirometer

Teleflex is proud to offer the gold standard of incentive spirometers. The Voldyne Incentive Spirometer is the ideal choice for patients requiring post-operative physiotherapy. The Voldyne breathing exerciser has a large volume measurement up to 5000 mL inspired air and advanced low-work-of-breathing filter. The spirometer's low-work filter gives you a more accurate measurement of the volume flow since less breath is required to push through the filter.

  • The breathing exerciser is used to strengthen the muscles used during inspiration and to visually encourage deep breathing up to 5000 ml.
  • The Voldyne spirometer has a built-in handle and double-sided graduations for ease of use.
  • Perfect for those recovering from surgery, those who have been under general anesthesia and those on bed-rest. It is also recommended to those recovering from the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia, and those with asthma. The breathing exerciser is also used by endurance athletes, singers and former smokers.
  • The spirometer includes a good/better/best flow window feature for visualization of daily improvement, this indicator also helps control the inhalation speed during the deep breathing exercises.
  • The spirometer's gold marker tab helps the user remember and see the goal set by their medical professional.
  • The unit promotes deep effective breaths to increase lung capacity by expanding and exercising air sacs.
  • The large volume spirometer volumetric exerciser has a particulate filter screen in the mouthpiece.
  • The spirometer's detachable mouthpiece is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Users should sit up straight while using the spirometer, inhale slowly and deeply, stay within the better/best zone and follow doctor recommendations. Some users are advised to cough after the breathing exercises to clear the lungs.
  • If you experience pain or discomfort using the spirometer, consult with your physician.
  • Instructions for use are packaged with the device.
  • The latex free Voldyne 5000 spirometer is for adult, single patient use.
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