When you need surgical supplies, you need them fast. Medshop allows you to search for any medical supplies you may need, with the desired specifications to fit your surgical station. Most of our products are in stock and available for shipment in 2 to 4 business days.

All of the equipment on our site is listed with specifications, descriptions, and photos to let you know exactly what you are ordering. If you are a qualified, registered user on our site, you can leave reviews of the equipment after you have experienced it or view what other professionals say about the product before making a purchase. Our site also includes all of the accessories that come with each piece of equipment.

Medical supplies are the primary focus of our business. We truly provide our customers with everything they need to fulfill their order requests. We regularly refresh our selection and improve our shop to meet the needs of our clients. When the newest equipment or technology becomes available, we will be the first to make it available for purchase. Our dedication to providing the best medical supplies online store drives our mission forward. We will not stop giving our clients what they need.

From blood pressure monitors to suction pumps, steam-inhalers to beauty masks, we have the top quality products you want. Our goal is to be the go-to location for all your medical supplies online. If you need it we have it or can get it. The user interface on our site is rated the best in the business. The customer has all the information they need on their product right there on the page. If you still have additional questions, our customer service team will be more than happy to answer them. We are industry experts, and we are ready to help you get exactly what you need.

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  1. Feather Surgical Blade Remover
    Feather Surgical Blade Remover
    SKU: GR-2990
  2. Feather Sterile Scalpel
    Feather Sterile Scalpel
    SKU: GR-2975
    As Low As: $18.85
  3. Feather Sterile Surgical Blade
    Feather Sterile Surgical Blade
    SKU: GR-2976
    As Low As: $29.00
  4. Feather Surgical Blade Handle
    Feather Surgical Blade Handle
    SKU: GR-2977
    As Low As: $10.50
  5. Feather Sterile MiniScalpel
    Feather Sterile MiniScalpel
    SKU: GR-2978
    As Low As: $48.60
  6. Feather Sterile MicroScalpel
    Feather Sterile MicroScalpel
    SKU: GR-2979
    As Low As: $40.50
  7. Feather Safeshield Disposable Sterile Scalpel
    Feather Safeshield Disposable Sterile Scalpel
    SKU: GR-2980
    As Low As: $21.75
  8. Veridian 5.5" Operating Scissors, Straight, Sharp/Sharp
    Veridian 5.5" Operating Scissors, Straight, Sharp/Sharp
    SKU: VR-14-843
  9. Veridian Paramedic Shears
    Veridian Paramedic Shears
    SKU: VR-14-8300
    As Low As: $4.38
  10. Veridian Lister Bandage Scissors
    Veridian Lister Bandage Scissors
    SKU: VR-14-84
    As Low As: $3.06
  11. Veridian 5.5" Kelly Forceps with Box Lock
    Veridian 5.5" Kelly Forceps with Box Lock
    SKU: VR-14-8
    As Low As: $3.06
  12. Dynarex Obstetrical Towelettes
    Dynarex Obstetrical Towelettes
    SKU: DY-1302
  13. Dynarex Plastic Thumb Forceps
    Dynarex Plastic Thumb Forceps
    SKU: DY-4917
  14. Dynarex Suture Removal Kit
    Dynarex Suture Removal Kit
    SKU: DY-4521
  15. Dynarex Obstetrical Kit
    Dynarex Obstetrical Kit
    SKU: DY-490
    As Low As: $75.01
  16. Dynarex Medicut Disposable Scalpel
    Dynarex Medicut Disposable Scalpel
    SKU: DY-411
    As Low As: $6.32
  17. Dynarex Medicut Disposable Blades
    Dynarex Medicut Disposable Blades
    SKU: DY-413
    As Low As: $17.50
  18. Medicut Safety Scalpels, #10, #11, #15, Sterile
    Dynarex Medicut Safety Scalpels
    SKU: DY-416
    As Low As: $9.73
  19. Omnimed Low Voltage Light Kit
    Omnimed Low Voltage Light Kit
    SKU: MN-741316
  20. Omnimed Omni Clamp
    Omnimed Omni Clamp
    SKU: MN-741325
  21. Grafco Lister Bandage Scissors
    Grafco Lister Bandage Scissors
    SKU: GR-2600
    As Low As: $2.36
  22. Grafco Clip-On Bandage Scissors
    Grafco Clip-On Bandage Scissors
    SKU: GR-2611
  23. Grafco Knowles Bandage Scissors
    Grafco Knowles Bandage Scissors
    SKU: GR-2616
  24. Grafco Straight Operating Scissors
    Grafco Straight Operating Scissors
    SKU: GR-26200
    As Low As: $2.57
  25. Grafco Curved Operating Scissors
    Grafco Curved Operating Scissors
    SKU: GR-263300
    As Low As: $3.06
  26. Grafco Deaver Straight Operating Scissors
    Grafco Deaver Straight Operating Scissors
    SKU: GR-2643
  27. Grafco Mayo Dissecting Scissors
    Grafco Mayo Dissecting Scissors
    SKU: GR-2644-A
    As Low As: $3.15
  28. Grafco Iris Scissors
    Grafco Iris Scissors
    SKU: GR-2652-A
    As Low As: $3.15
  29. Grafco Spencer Stitch Scissors
    Grafco Spencer Stitch Scissors
    SKU: GR-2663
  30. Grafco Littauer Ligature Scissors
    Grafco Littauer Ligature Scissors
    SKU: GR-26600
    As Low As: $3.41
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