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The Good-Lite vision simulation glasses are used as an educational tool for helping health care, rehabilitation and education professionals, care providers, friends and family better understand some of the abilities and limitations brought on by visual impairments. It provides an excellent way to express the impact of different types of vision loss or near and distance activities. Through this simulator, people can experience what those with low vision see on a daily basis. It allows you to try on a range of vision impairments and gain priceless understanding and insight into the daily challenges of those living with a visual impairment. The glasses are also purchased to help teach children about the dangers of drinking and driving by having students see how their vision is impaired under the influence of alcohol.

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Good-Lite VisualEyes Vision Simulator Glasses

Wearing vision simulation glasses is one way to understand how the world is experienced by someone with a visual impairment. The vision simulator is an educational tool developed by The Lighthouse Inc. Glasses are available in seven versions with each one simulating a different visual impairment so you can try on a range of vision.

  • The Combination Loss glasses will simulate Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Retinitis suggesting the occurrence of floaters and spotty vision loss associated with CMV Retinitis.
  • The Central Field Loss Simulator glasses suggests the type of vision loss caused by macular degeneration. The degree of loss is determined by the distance from the eyes and measured using an Amsler Grid. Macular degeneration is a leading cause of vision loss, especially in the elderly. It damages the macula (in the middle of the retina) and affects the center of the eye, impacting central vision and seeing detail. This results in a blurred image with a dark spot in the center. AMD can make it difficult to see fine detail like reading, watching TV and recognizing faces.
  • The Peripheral Loss Simulator glasses suggests the type of visual loss caused by retinitis pigmentosa or advanced glaucoma. Glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa result in a blurred image with a sharply focused center. Both result in loss of peripheral vision often described as tunnel vision. Certain glaucoma sufferers can experience nausea, headaches and halos around bright lights as well.
  • The Overall Blur Simulator glasses suggests the type of vision impairment caused by cataract or other conditions involving the cornea that interfere with the passage of light. Cataracts is a cloudy area that forms in the lens of the eye and causes overall blurriness and haziness. Cataracts causes a sharp, focused image to become blurred and out of focus. Cataracts also causes sensitivity to bright lights and glare.
  • The Hemifield/Hemianopia Simulator glasses suggests the type of vision impairment that may result from a stroke, tumor, injury to the brain or trauma loss of vision in half the visual field. Hemianopia causes one side of an image to be blurred and the other to be focused.
  • The Low Contrast Simulator glasses suggests the loss of detail, color and sharpness that many older people experience with normal age-related vision changes.
  • The Color Simulator suggests the way a maturing cataract may affect functional vision and interfere with daily activities.
  • The Complete Vision Simulator Glasses Set includes one of each of the above simulator glasses.
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