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The Globe Scientific Transfer Pipettes are one of our best-selling items. These pipettes are produced from a custom grade low-density polyethylene (LDPE) so they are not slippery. They are also shatterproof and disposable. These unbreakable one-piece pipettes are used in labs and other environments needing to draw and dispense liquids in controlled, reproducible drop sizes. Other than labs, pipettes are used in kitchens, schools, art classes, parties and spas.

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Globe Scientific Transfer Pipet, 4.0mL, Narrow Stem, Short, 85mm

A pipette or dropper is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid. Although they are specifically made for lab use, pipettes are often used in environments that require controlled handling of liquids.

  • Plastic transfer pipettes are shatter proof and the perfect substitute for breakable glass Pasteur pipettes (which can be a danger to laboratory personnel).
  • Pipettes are disposable so there is never any cross-contamination associated with reusable rubber bulbs.
  • The pipettes have a one step biohazard disposal.
  • The pipettes are packaged in a unique dispenser box. The box is small, compact and ideal for bench-top use. The hinged front panel opens for quick access to the pipettes and can be closed when not in use to keep the remaining pipettes clean.
  • The transfer pipettes are non-toxic and chemically inert to biological fluids and most acids.
  • The pipettes are easy to grip, even with gloves, to help ensure the samples do not accidentally get dropped or damaged.
  • The pipettes can be heat sealed to use for liquid storage and transport. They can also be frozen in liquid nitrogen.
  • The non-sterile pipettes have a 4.0 mL capacity, Drops/mL of 24, and a bulb draw capacity of 3.0 mL.
  • The pipette measures 85mm (3.4") in total length, 2.5mm (0.1") stem diameter, and 2.5mm (0.1") tip diameter.
  • Globe Scientific is a leading brand with one of the most extensive lines of plastic transfer pipettes for liquid handling procedures.
  • Aside for medical uses, this product is often used by restaurants for plating sauces and pastry decorating. It acts as a suction for liquids so dressings, gravy, dips and dessert decorations can be placed accurately.
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