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The SmartDose Liquid Oxygen Conserver (LOX) will sense patient breath rate and turn oxygen flow up and down as needed, within seconds. As users perform strenuous activities they will receive an appropriate amount of oxygen to keep going, while at low breathing rates this conserver lowers the dosage.

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Drive Medical SmartDose Liquid Oxygen Conserver

This technology maximizes conservation so that each tank will last longer, saving money and time spent replacing them. Electronic conservers are necessary for patients that need a conserver, but have weak respiration that cannot power a pneumatic conserver. The easy to read panel makes using the SmartDose Liquid Oxygen Conserver simple and aggravation-free. It allows the delivered dose to increase up to 2 settings during patient exertion up to a maximum pulse dose setting of 7. Portable 0.3 L unit provides up to 7.4 hours at a pulse dose setting of 2. Integrated bottom-fill LOX coupler and multi-valve mechanism. Includes scale to measure amount of liquid O2 left in the unit.

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